AI-driven Workday Skills Cloud boosts employee growth and retention.

“When I have a job opening, people in my organization light up as potential candidates, and this is breaking down all kinds of barriers.”—VP of Technology and Innovation

Unlocked understanding of employee potential

Achieved a single organizational view of talent

Leveraged AI to drive skills and learning strategy

AI and machine learning (ML) are not new concepts at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)—these capabilities are central to everything the technology company generates and creates. And so it made sense to apply these tenets to its talent strategy.

With Workday Skills Cloud and Workday Learning, HPE can now identify skills and talent to enrich its employees’ work life in order to:

  • Continually invest in career development to aid employee retention

  • Uncover unknown skills needed by the business

  • Carve out career paths and growth opportunities

HPE has been able to unlock infinite potential with our employees by understanding who they are, what they want to build, and where they want to go—all in one system.

VP of Technology and Innovation

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