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smartCIO Magazine Vol. 2: Mastering Strategic Data Orchestration

Learn how to drive unparalleled business outcomes by tapping into your data’s true potential.

AI Trust Gap report cover with two women facing in opposite directions

Closing the AI Trust Gap

Discover the factors driving the distrust of AI and what organizations can do to align employee and leader sentiments.


AI. It’s always part of the show.

See how Workday AI turns the dial all the way up on human potential to help organizations make confident decisions faster than ever.

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Power the future of work with AI.

Read the “ Global CIO AI Indicator Report”

Lead your organization into AI excellence.

See what IT leaders think about AI’s impact on business in the Global CIO AI Indicator Report.

Read smartCIO Magazine Volume 1: Less Artificial, More Intelligence

smartCIO Magazine Volume 1: Less Artificial, More Intelligence.

Explore the impact of AI on enterprise businesses and the future of work.

Watch Unveiling AI Adoption Realities video

Unveiling AI adoption realities.

Explore the current state of AI adoption and the transformative potential AI holds for business.

Prepare for where IT is headed.

Watch The Future of IT: Trends and Predictions for 2023 and Beyond video

The future of IT: trends, predictions, and key research.

Learn how cloud technology improves employee experiences, operational efficiencies, and decision-making.

Read the “AI IQ: Insights on Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise” report

Are CIOs prepared for the future of work?

Workday research reveals 73% of business leaders feel pressure to adopt AI. What obstacles do they face?

Read the “IDC and Workday report to learn why a cloud-based ERP environment increases agility” report

Report: ERP modernization is business transformation.

Read the latest IDC and Workday report to learn why a cloud-based ERP environment increases agility.

Read the “Empowering Innovation Through Responsible AI Governance” whitepaper

Empowering innovation through responsible AI governance.

Learn how Workday is shaping the future of responsible AI.

Build the IT workforce of tomorrow.

Watch How CIOs Can Use AI and ML to Build a Skills-Based Workforce video

How CIOs can use AI to foster a skills-based workforce.

Learn how to unlock a skills-based strategy for IT.

Listen to the “Tech Leadership in the Age of Generative AI” podcast

Tech leadership in the age of generative AI.

Learn how generative AI can make all the difference for the  future success of IT.

Read “CIOs Are Rewriting the IT Talent Management Rules,” a global study from Workday

CIOs are rewriting the IT talent management rules.

Check out our global study to see how today’s IT leaders are managing the skills and talent of their teams.

Watch Creating a Seamless Employee Experience video

Creating a seamless employee experience.

See how Workday is delivering on its mission to make work effortless.

Adapt and innovate with future-proof technology.

Read Unleashing the Power of Innovation With Public Cloud blog

Unleashing the power of innovation with public cloud.

Learn how Workday is delivering customer value with public cloud expansion.

Read Harnessing Technology Interoperability to Power the Future of Work blog

Harnessing the potential of interoperability.

Learn how to unlock the benefits of interoperable technology.

Watch KeyBank CIO: How to Create a Data Strategy? video

Keybank CIO: How to create a data strategy.

Find out how Amy G. Brady, CIO, KeyBank, uses data in daily operations to drive digital transformation.

Take the ERP Modernization Maturity Assessment

CIOs, assess your organization’s ERP modernization strategy.

Discover how to achieve new heights with ERP modernization.

Influencer Insights

Gain insights from top industry experts.

Listen to the “Why Does AI and ML Matter to Your Business?” podcast

Why AI and ML matter for your business.

Venture capitalist, Spiros Margaris, discusses the impact of AI on businesses.

Watch “Generative AI: Darling, Devil or Disruptor of HR Tech?” webinar

Generative AI: is it an HR tech game changer?

Listen in as RedThread’s co-founders discuss how generative AI is disrupting HR technology.

Watch the Aligning IT and HR for Employee Experience Success video

Aligning IT and HR for employee experience success.

Join Michael Krigsman and Suncor’s CIO as they discuss how IT and HR can partner for an improved employee experience.

Listen to the Workday podcast, “Could AI Be the Best Thing to Happen to Your Business?”

The Role of AI and ML in the Workplace.

Listen in as FT Longitude’s Meg Wright explores how AI and ML are disrupting the workplace.

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