The student system that puts students first.

Student profile dashboard displaying awaiting actions, timely suggestions, and related announcements.

The world's leading institutions trust Workday as their student information system.


Announcements and academics dashboard on two mobile phones.


Designed to keep up with changes in education.

Education is changing radically. Workday Student helps you keep up. Our system is designed to seamlessly unite your whole institution and better serve both students and leaders.

Built for student engagement.

Meet students where they are, in the moments that matter. From journeys and alerts to email campaigns and more—we give you the tools to provide an experience unlike any other.

Flexibility to adapt to change.

Our flexible foundation allows you to quickly adapt programs when things change. And it supports collaborative models so that multiple institutions can operate independently in the same tenant.

Insights to help you stay ahead.

Put your data to work and quickly respond to change. Our student system is connected to finance, HR, and planning, giving you real-time insight into your campus.

Proactively focus on student success.

Easily import external data to get a holistic picture of each student. Help students succeed by quickly identifying at-risk students in real time.

“Stevens is all about technology, and we believe in the accelerating pace with which technology is evolving. So embracing change is something we welcome.”

What You Can Do


Create a great student experience from day one.

Streamline academic planning, registration, and access to financial insights—so you can keep students engaged.


Manage student finances and records all in one place.

Handle your students’ financial transactions and employment, while helping them track progress toward graduation.

“Workday Student has transformed the way our students engage with their academic information at Babson. The registration experience, the degree tracking, and the academic planning have empowered students in truly meaningful ways.”

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