P.F. Chang’s cooks up customer satisfaction with better decision-making.

“It’s one system where we have all of our HCM and finance data together. You get a whole picture of the organization. We never really had that before.”—Chief Information Officer

Achieved single view across finance and HCM

Sped up financial period close process

Improved forecasting accuracy

Increased accountability and efficiency businesswide

Align People, Finance, and Operations

One-stop shop solution streamlines operations, simplifies tasks for restaurant managers, and accelerates business growth.

Enable Employees to Achieve Career Success

Talent management platform boosts visibility across the organization for career development and improved retention.

AI Simplifies Forecasting and Scheduling

AI  forecasting and scheduling frees up time to focus on customer and employee experience.

Financial Insights Drive Collaborative Action

Financial platform unites finance, procurement, and supply chain for better decision-making and course correction.

Adapting to Customer Needs

Making the lives of frontline and HQ workers easier enables greater focus on meeting customers’ changing needs.

A lot has changed since P.F. Chang's first opened its Scottsdale, Arizona doors in 1993. Access to world cuisines, the explosion of the online culinary world, and ever-evolving consumer and employee desires.

The now-international business knew the “secret sauce” to continue soaring in a competitive marketplace was a technology transformation, replacing siloed systems and processes. With Workday across the enterprise, P.F. Chang’s now has clear visibility from HQ to restaurants around the world, enabling it to:

  • Boost collaboration across HR, finance, IT, and operations to drive employee and business growth
  • Increase retention with career development paths and intuitive learning and onboarding
  • Use insights to make smarter, faster decisions

Workday became a one-stop shop for all of our employees, which streamlined operations at our corporate headquarters and facilitated growth within our restaurants.

General Counsel and Chief Human Resources Officer



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